Last Update:             7-JUN-2016
Operating System:       Linux
Component:              PMDF Shared Library
Base Level Required:    PMDF V6.7
Other Requirements:     OpenSSL 1.0.2f ECO or higher

Platform                Subdirectory      File(s) to download
--------                ------------      --------------------
Linux                   linux   

General info

     You will need to have a License PAK with a release date after the date of
  PMDFSHR.EXE or to run PMDF.  Note that this may apply to other
  images as well.

     Patches may be obtained from the anonymous FTP account on  Use FTP to connect to the host
  and login as the user anonymous.  Use your e-mail address as the login

     Move to the pmdf_67_patches subdirectory:

        ftp> cd pmdf_67_patches

     Patches will be located in platform-specific sub-trees, as follows:

        Platform        Subdirectory
        --------        ------------
        OpenVMS         vms
        Linux           linux
        Solaris/SPARC   solaris-sparc

     When FTPing images, be sure to FTP them as binary.  Before retrieving
  such an image with the GET command, be sure to put your FTP into binary
  mode with a command such as TYPE IMAGE or TYPE BINARY.

Change history

  This update handles EINTR errors for the legacy POP/IMAP servers.
  Clients would report that the connection had closed.


        Before installing a new, issue the following command:

                # pmdf shutdown

        Failure to issue the above command could result in the current
        processes not recognizing commands (i.e. restart and shutdown) with
        the new in place.

        Download the appropriate .zip file. Use 'unzip' to extract the

        Move to the /pmdf/lib directory to do the extraction.

	 > cd /pmdf/lib
         > unzip

        After the files are unzipped into their proper directories,
        ensure that the ownership and protection on each are set correctly:

                # chown pmdf:bin /pmdf/lib/
                # chmod 755 /pmdf/lib/

        In some cases, new versions of may alter the format of
        compiled configurations. When this happens recompilation is also

                # pmdf cnbuild

        Failure to recompile the configuration after installing new versions
        of may lead to "compiled configuration version mismatch"

        Next, be sure to start PMDF by issuing the following command:

                # pmdf startup