PMDF V6.7 patches

PMDF V6.8 Patches & Enhancements

Recommended Patches


    ECO:           PMDFSHR.EXE
    Description:   Corrects random accvios starting some services
    Release date:  21-DEC-2020
    Platforms:     OpenVMS
    Version:       PMDF V6.8

    This ECO increases the pthread stack sizes allocated for processes created by the dispatcher (SMTP servers, POP3 servers, etc). Some services would previously accvio on startup.

    Download PMDFSHR-201221-I64.ZIP for OpenVMS I64
    Download PMDFSHR-201221-ALPHA.ZIP for OpenVMS Alpha

Security Patches

  1. OpenSSL 1.1.1k for PMDF V6.8

    ECO:OpenSSL 1.1.1k support
    Description:Upgrade OpenSSL from 1.1.1c to 1.1.1k
    Release date:25-MAR-2021

    Download for Linux

    Note: Updates will not be available for OpenVMS.